Enhancing Curb Appeal in the Fall

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 Whether you are thinking about selling your home or not, it is essential to enhance your home’s curb appeal. If you are going to put your house on the market, curb appeal is a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked. But even if you aren’t interested in selling your house right now, curb appeal reflects your personality and shows that you take great pride in the most significant investment you have made. And since we are in the middle of wonderful autumn, there are seasonal tricks you can utilize for upping the wow factor of your home. Even though your lush lawn has lost its green hue and the bright blossoms have faded, your outdoor space doesn’t have to look like it’s going into hibernation. With these helpful tips from your landscaping company in Northern Colorado, your yard can look as fresh as ever, even in the fall.

Decorate, But Don’t Overdo It

Fall is a wonderful time of year, and most homeowners jump at the chance to dress up their homes to celebrate the season’s holidays. In other words, you will see porches filled with pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween, gourds and plastic turkeys in celebration of Thanksgiving, and colorful wreaths on front doors welcoming the crisp and cool season.

It is these same decorations that give your home a warm and inviting look. But be careful, a few decorations will go a long way in giving your home great curb appeal, and you don’t want to go overboard. While a few pumpkins and plastic turkeys are an excellent addition to your front porch, it is all too easy to overdo it and wind up with a cluttered mess.

We’ll guide you in selecting plants that are perfect for your area.

Keep It Clean

The trees that provide shade and beauty in the summer months lose their leaves in the fall, creating a carpet of red and yellow on your lawn. And while you might not care about leaves in your yard, it really isn’t a good look. So show everybody that you are passionate about your landscape by keeping the leaves raked; it will do wonders for curb appeal.


Your driveway is where you keep the cars parked, and it is a place where your kids utilize skateboards and sidewalk chalk. As such, your driveway suffers the stains and spots that make it look bad. Fall is an excellent time of year to power wash your concrete driveway and sidewalks or walkways. It might not seem like much, but it will make a big difference in how your outdoor space looks.

Since you broke out or rented a power washer for the driveway, you might as well go ahead and wash the house. Just like the interior of your house, the outside of your home gets dirty. You might be blind to it, but your house is probably dirty, and a good washing will make a lot of difference in curb appeal.

beautiful fire pit on patio

Colors and Lighting

Landscaping is all about making your outdoor space more beautiful. By having your landscape design company plant evergreen trees in your yard, you get to enjoy green trees all year long. Don’t get us wrong, we enjoy the brilliant reds and golds you see in the fall, but green is still a nice color that will be enjoyed until spring. In addition, your landscape artists can also set you up with fall flowers that will bloom well into the fall months and make your landscape pop with color.

One of the significant downsides to the fall season is the shorter days. Come late October or early November; the time change means it gets dark far too early. But instead of getting depressed about this and doing nothing, you have a wonderful opportunity to spend more time outside with the addition of outdoor lighting. Having your landscape contractor install additional lighting around your outdoor space will allow you to spend more time outside, make your home more inviting, and add much-needed curb appeal.

Spruce Things Up

Adding a new layer of mulch around the base of your trees not only makes your yard look better it also helps protect your trees in the winter. Applying a fresh layer of mulch will keep the roots insulated and ensure they are getting the water and nutrients they need to stay healthy in the cold months.

When was the last time you took a good look at your porch light? If you are like most homeowners, you probably haven’t really given it any care for quite some time. This is especially true if you have one of those LED bulbs that last for years. So you might be surprised to see that your porch light is dirty and faded, and probably seriously outdated. Swapping out that old porch light for a new one is inexpensive a reasonably easy to accomplish on your own. And it will do wonders making your home look much better.

While you are at it, you might as well check other aspects of your home, including the gutters, roof, and exterior paint. Any of these parts of your home could be old and worn, and in need of an upgrade. Remember that keeping up with the tasks on the outside of your home is just as important as keeping up with the interior of your home.

Regardless of the changing weather, fall is still a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors. Keep in mind that it is still important to keep your outdoor space looking good even when the temperatures outside drop. If you are considering fall flowers or adding evergreen trees to your property, give us a call, and we can discuss your wants and desires.