Gravel and Rock for a Stunning Landscape

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Stunning Landscape

You might think that adding plants or mulch to your landscape is the best way to start. We applaud both of these choices. What if rock and gravel added just as much, if not more, to the appeal of your landscaping and saved you money in water and maintenance costs? We’re going to share with you some of the most popular questions and suggestions regarding the use of rock and gravel for a stunning landscape. Explore the many options of rock and gravel for color, texture, and functionality.

1. Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite has a rustic, soft look. It is typically reddish-brown and sand-colored. This inexpensive option is used to cover the ground around trees, along garden paths, and for xeriscapes.

2. Pea Gravel

You guessed it, pea gravel is the size of a small pea. It’s usually between 1/4 and 1/8 inches in size. The colors range from white, tan, and brown. Pea gravel can be used for many purposes. It is often used as a driveway cover or to fill in spaces between pavers. It is also a great weed barrier, and it won’t break down like mulch.

3. Crushed Granite Gravel

This gravel is larger than decomposed stone and gives your yard a natural, attractive look. This gravel is a great transition between pathways and garden plants.

4. Lava Rock

This rock is made from actual volcanic lava and boasts a range of vibrant colors. It can be used to enhance any landscape design. Ideal for dry climates, it absorbs heat during the day and then releases it at night. It is easy to spread and transport because it’s lightweight.

5. River Rock

Your landscape doesn’t need to be near a river to rock. The texture of river rocks is smoother, and they are larger than pea gravel. Use their various colors to create beautiful garden borders or a dry creek bed. They can be used for drainage as well as being beautiful.

6. Flagstone

This time, we’re going to bring out the big guns. Flagstone and larger pebbles are perfect for garden paths, stepping stones, and walkways.

7. Brick Chips

We are going against the flow and changing things. The next choice is not technically rock, but it’s a popular hardscape. Brick chips come in a variety of colors, including reddish brown. These chunks work well for landscaping and driveways.

8. Marble Chips

Marble isn’t only for countertops anymore. Marble chips look elegant and are a great way to cover the soil in container gardens or landscaping elements. Avoid using marble chips around plants that require high acid levels as they change the pH of the soil.

Professional Assistance For Your Stunning Landscape 

Radiant Landscape Design and Build invites you to explore landscape rock and gravel for a stunning outdoor environment. As you plan your outdoor space, consider the advantages of gravel and rocks. They are adaptable and require minimal maintenance while also contributing to wildlife habitats. Your choices should reflect the resilience and diversity of native species. Whether you’re drawn to the late spring colors, vibrant summer hues, or rich autumn shades, let your selections reflect this. You can create a beautiful landscape by prioritizing native plants, which will also help preserve Colorado’s natural environment. Contact us today and let our team help you create a thriving, enduring, and environmentally-conscious outdoor landscape.