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When it comes to landscaping, you probably have a lot of questions. You might wonder how to choose the right company for your landscaping needs, you might have questions about your yard, and you might wonder when is the best time to prune your trees. These are all valid questions, and most homeowners would appreciate honest answers. The truth of the matter is that landscaping and landscape design can seem quite overwhelming. There are complicated aspects of the industry that include climate, soil, sun vs. shade, types of plants, and weather. It’s a lot to keep track of for sure. So here are some compelling questions and totally honest answers.

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How do you find a trustworthy landscape company?

One of the best ways to find a trustworthy landscaper is not by just typing “landscaping companies near me” in Google, but by doing a little homework and asking a few questions. A good starting point is by researching landscaping contractors on the internet. You can check out landscaping websites and read reviews and see what others say about them. You can also check out the services they offer to see if they line up with your landscaping needs.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, call each company and ask them about their services and about past projects. This is an excellent way to learn about their values. Keep in mind that there are a variety of landscapers that specialize in a variety of services, and they will have different price points. You might find the perfect landscaping company but discover they either don’t offer the services you desire, so do your homework.

what is the difference between landscaping and hardscaping?

While landscape and hardscape are related, they are also quite different. Knowing the difference between the two can help you better envision your outdoor project, dream up a better outdoor oasis, and help you choose the best landscape company for your landscaping needs. It also helps to know the difference when your project is complete, and you want to properly care for it.

In the simplest of terms, hardscape is anything in your landscape design that is not alive. Hardscape design elements include materials such as stone, wood, pavers, concrete, and rocks. Other hardscape design elements include manufactured structures such as pergolas, decks, patios, and retaining walls.

Landscape elements include soft or living designs, including flowers, trees, grass, and bushes. By utilizing landscape elements in your outdoor space, you create a relaxing and calming oasis that you can enjoy all year long.

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will adding plants to my landscape help the environment?

Adding plants to your landscape is one of the best ways you can help the environment. All living plants filter out carbon dioxide, and they keep pollutants and other nasty debris out of the water supply. There are studies that show one tree has the ability to remove up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, which is the equivalent of around 11,000 miles of vehicle emissions.

In addition, trees do a fantastic job shading your house in the heat of summer. That shadow cast upon your home will keep it cooler in the summer, saving you money in utility costs. Finally, trees and other plants provide a healthy place for wildlife to roost and stay safe from predators. Habitat loss is one of the causes of species endangerment, so having plants and trees in your yard ensures wildlife and ecosystem health.

is there a way to get rid of weeds permanently?

With healthy and balanced soil comes plant growth; unfortunately, this includes weeds. Most homeowners will spend time and money finding ways to get rid of the weeds while saving the good plants. There are methods in which you can kill or otherwise eliminate weeds, including pulling them or utilizing a weed killer, organic or otherwise. However, if the entire weed, root and all, must be removed or destroyed, otherwise it will come back.

There are weed killers on the market that do an excellent job of getting rid of weeds, but many of these products contain harmful chemicals. Natural solutions are a safer way to control weeds and could be a better option. But whatever you choose to get rid of weeds, there is always the possibility they will come back. If the wind doesn’t blow weed seeds from the field down the street onto your property, the birds that feed in that weed-filled field and nest in your trees certainly drag those seeds onto your property.

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