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new construction landscaping

If you are in the market for a landscaping company, there are several available in Northern Colorado, and many of them do a great job. But hiring a landscaper for a newly constructed home might present a problem. You see, many landscapers offer a variety of services, like planting services, landscape lighting, and they are able to provide a fire pit if you desire. But if you want a concrete patio and an outdoor kitchen, you might have to find another contractor to fulfill those projects. But that is not the case with Radiant Landscape Design and Build; we are a full-service landscaping company that offers all the services you need to finish up the outdoor space in your new home. So if you are the owner of a newly-built home, take note, your landscape should be a top priority, and we can complete your new home landscaping projects on our own, all of them.

Here’s a list of just a few popular landscape options for your new home:

Full-Service Landscaping Company

Why is it important to hire a full-service landscape company, especially when you just bought a newly constructed home? Well, let’s start with the fact that with a full-service landscaper like Radiant, you don’t have to call several contractors to complete the work. In addition to the basic landscape services we offer, like planting services, landscape lighting, and pergolas, we are quite able to pour a stamped concrete patio or build an entire outdoor kitchen.

Your new home might be perfect on the inside, but it is seriously lacking outside. Often, new homes are lacking in grass, trees, and patios. And even if you do have a patio, it’s probably a simple rectangular slab. We are firm believers that your outdoor space should be just as nice as the interior of your home, and we can take your dream of a beautiful and functional backyard and make it a reality.

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You Have a Plan

We guess that you already have a picture in your mind of what you want your outdoor space to look like. Good, you should have an idea of what you want. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what you want in your yard, you should at least have an idea of how you want your landscape to be used. For example, perhaps you are looking for solitude, or maybe you want to entertain and have friends and family over all of the time.

If you are seeking solitude, let’s start with a gazebo or pergola that will keep you from the neighbor’s wandering eyes. You might also want strategically placed trees and plants to not only give you more privacy but they also keep your outdoor space nice and shady in the hot summer months. Finally, if you are into entertaining guests, a large stamped concrete patio with a built-in grill will have your guests yearning for more parties.

How It Works

With new construction landscaping, the possibilities are endless. We can install a beautiful stamped concrete patio or walkway, install a built-in grill, or create a breathtaking pergola

1. Reach Out

Reach out to us with your vision of your outdoor space. We will return your call and discuss your budget and what you would like to highlight in your outdoor space.

2. Installation

Once we have a clear idea of what you want, we will begin the installation process.

3. Enjoy your landscape

When our work is complete, you can enjoy all of the beauty and benefits of hardscapes. 

new construction landscape Prices

Whether you just want a patio or a complete overhaul of the outdoor space, we have a service that fits your budget.

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New home landscaping Gallery

There are several choices when considering new home landscaping, here are a few fine example for inspiration.

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

We just love to create beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers. When our work is done, we find great joy in hearing back from them about how they’re making the best of their newly transformed home.


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enjoy the time you spend outdoors with new home landscaping