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What is a Pergola?

Everybody needs a break from the hectic and stressful lives that we lead. In a perfect world, we would simply take a few days off of work and travel to a paradise destination for rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, the best most of us can expect is to escape to our backyards for our escape from the world. This method of unwinding works very well if you have a backyard that is a landscaped paradise. And one way in which you can significantly improve your outdoor space is with the addition of a pergola.

A pergola is an open structure with four main support beams and cross beams or lattice designated as the roof. Many of you might think this is the same description for an Arbor. While it is true that an Arbor is very similar to a pergola, the difference is that a pergola typically doesn’t have a lattice that runs the length of the entire structure. In addition, arbors generally are arched at the top, while pergolas have square or rectangular designs.

Some people mistaken pergolas for gazebos. And while again, the structures look similar, gazebos will have a solid roof as opposed to lattice or open cross beams. Additionally, gazebos are also round or shaped like an octagon.

Pergolas Can Be Built Using A Variety of Materials

There are several materials that can be used to build your pergola. Traditional pergolas are made using thick wood beams for support with a trellis on top. But other materials can be used depending on what matches best for your outdoor space and the style of your patio or garden. Since we build custom pergolas, it is a good idea for your pergola to blend right in with the details of your backyard for aesthetic purposes.

Wood is an excellent choice for pergolas, it gives them a traditional and rustic look that’s hard to beat, and they go well with numerous garden styles. That said, wood pergolas require a certain amount of maintenance and cannot be built and simply ignored. But they are beautiful and worth the time you spend keeping them in good condition.

You can also choose a vinyl pergola for your backyard. Vinyl pergolas come in a multitude of colors, and there is no need to have them painted or stained. In addition, it is quite easy to find the perfect pergola that will match your taste and style. Better still, vinyl pergolas are maintenance-free, and they won’t rust like metal pergolas.

If you are into a modern look, you might consider a pergola made from metal. One of the top metal choices for pergolas is steel, as it will give your outdoor space an urban look, which will add a lot of character.


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Ways to customize your pergola

If you wish for a pergola that offers more shelter from the sun and other elements, you can have it built with a cloth sail attached to the top. You can choose a neutral color that blends in with the scenery or perhaps something with a bit of color for additional pop. You can also choose a pitched or gabled pergola, which is like a regular pergola, except there is the addition of a pointed roof. Your pergola can be a free-standing addition to your outdoor space, or it can be attached to your patio or home for support.

Why Would You Want a Pergola?

Pergolas aren’t all for looks; they serve several other functions as well. Pergolas are a great way to protect you from the elements, and they offer shade from the blazing sun. They are also great if you desire a little more privacy in your backyard. They are an excellent choice for those who want a structure over their hot tub or fire pit. And imagine yourself grilling wonderful foods on your built-in BBQ grill while remaining cool and comfortable under the protection of your pergola.

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How It Works

Your custom pergola is the x-factor that will transform your ordinary backyard into a superb backyard. And while most pergolas look great, the ones that we design and build look simply extraordinary. But getting a custom pergola isn't like showing up at a store and finding something you like, you will be working with us to create a masterpiece. Here is what you can expect.

1. Reach Out

When you reach out to us, tell us more about your vision for your pergola. We’ll get back to you with a phone consultation to help you define a design that matches your environment, your personal preferences, and the way you utilize your outdoor space.

2. Construction Begins

We advise you on the materials and help you choose the finishes for your new pergola. As soon as everything is set, we provide you with a cost and timeline estimate, and once we’re on the same page, we get to work.

3. Enjoy Your Custom Pergola

When our work is complete, we’ll do a final walkthrough to check if everything is how it should be. Your pergola has been built and installed and you now have a backyard to enjoy every time you come home. Feel proud of calling it your own. 

pergola Prices

Whether you are looking for a simple pergola made from everyday materials or you have a vision of an extraordinary pergola that will stun the neighbors, we make your vision a reality. Don’t let budget restraints kill your dream; we offer custom pergolas that fit any budget.

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Basic Pergola*


A basic pergola measures around 8X8 and is simple in design.

stunning pergola

Average Pergola*


An average pergola will measure around 12X12 and will intrigue with its fanciful look.

big pergola

High-End Pergola*


Your high-end pergola is big, and it can include added features like a roof covering and custom lighting.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of the pergola, materials, etc. You’ll receive an exact quote for your custom pergola after the in-house consultation.

Pergolas Gallery

If you’re thinking about adding a pergola to your outdoor space but you don’t quite know how you’d like it to look, take a peek at our inspirational gallery below and get ready to create the pergola of your dreams.

Here’s What Our Customers Say…

We just love to create beautiful outdoor spaces for our customers. When our work is done, we find great joy in hearing back from them about how they’re making the best of their newly transformed home.


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