Ready For A Landscaping Project? 2022 Landscaping Trends

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Whether you are ready for it or not, 2022 is here, and you might as well make the best of it. In our current situation, people are spending much more time at home, which is great if you are a homebody. You have probably already made some changes to the interior of your home, like converting that extra bedroom into your home office. Unfortunately, such a project was likely done out of necessity instead of desire. Nevertheless, any home project makes your home a better place to live. That said, perhaps you have been toying with the idea of giving your outdoor space an upgrade. It could be a significant landscaping project, or maybe you would like to add one or two features to your backyard. Either way, a landscaping project will give you the desire to spend even more time outside. If you need a few ideas on what you want to do with your outdoor space, here is what is trending in 2022.

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The more time you spend at home, the more desire you have to spruce things up around the house. This includes making improvements to your backyard. But landscaping is much more than just making your yard a more beautiful place to hang out; there are several compelling reasons to consider.


Added Value: Landscaping will add value to your home. There are some landscaping elements that will undoubtedly increase the value of your home, but all landscaping projects will help you sell your home when you decide to move on. It is estimated that a professional landscaper can increase the value of your property by as much as 10 percent, even more.

Curb Appeal: Whether you plan on selling your home or not, curb appeal is still an essential factor. The nicer your yard looks, the better you feel about yourself. And let’s not forget that a well-landscaped outdoor space makes the entire neighborhood look better. A beautiful yard also makes your property more welcoming.

Functionality: If you think that your yard functions well because you already have a nice patio and a grill, you would be wrong. Stop and think about how well your outdoor space would function if you had an outdoor kitchen installed. And then think about how well your yard would function with a water feature or fire feature. The more landscape features you implement, the better your yard will function.

Connect with Nature: A well-designed yard is a perfect way you can better connect with nature. The colors and smells of your garden bring you closer to nature and create an area in which you can relax and unwind.

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2022 will see a continued interest in outdoor kitchens, which shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. An outdoor kitchen is one of the best ways to keep the family outside for extended periods of time. And with the addition of landscape lighting and a fire feature, families can spend time outdoors after dark and when the temperatures are cooler.


Curb appeal will remain an important consideration in 2022. As such, homeowners will increase their home’s curb appeal by having work done on their front yards. Any outdated materials will be replaced or updated, raggedy-looking bushes will be removed, and cracked sidewalks and driveways will be repaired or replaced. There are even homeowners who will be installing features that make entertaining in the front yard possible.

2022 will have homeowners adding native plants to their outdoor space. Native plants are important for many reasons; they help you save on water, need less fertilizer, and benefit the wildlife that frequents your property. In addition, natural landscaping gives you the opportunity to reestablish plants that are diverse, beautiful, and a benefit to nature.

There are more options than ever when it comes to outdoor lighting, thanks in part to LED and solar options. As a result, homeowners are increasingly interested in having more lights installed in their outdoor space. After all, in 2022, there is no reason why you should have to go back inside when the sun goes down.

It should be no surprise that swimming pools are becoming more popular among homeowners. Pools will remain in high demand in 2022 as homeowners do what they can to make their homes more suitable for staycations. It is predicted that landscaping companies that install pools will be booked into 2023.

Experts who track this sort of thing predict that freestanding seating walls will be a trend in 2022. Homeowners are opting for seating walls over traditional outdoor furniture to keep people comfortable while enjoying their outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or water feature. And with pavilions, pergolas, and outdoor fireplaces gaining in popularity, homeowners will need that extra seating when they entertain.

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In this time of uncertainty, we all want to keep our minds and bodies busy in the healthiest way. Spending as much time as possible is more important than ever, and you will want the right outdoor environment in which to spend your time. A beautiful and functional outdoor space is much more than just a place you can hang out. Your outdoor space is a place where you can better connect with your family, enjoy tranquil time with yourself, and keep busy with healthy tasks such as gardening or pruning.

Right now is the time you should start thinking about what you want out of your outdoor space this year. Whether you have big goals or small goals for your backyard, we can help. You have a vision of what you want your outdoor space to be, and we can help make that happen. All it takes is a phone call or query to get the ball rolling. We are eager to hear your dreams and make them a reality.