Ways to Stay Warm on Your Patio This Fall

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Saying goodbye to summer is never a pleasant task, especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors on their patio. But even though your days of lounging in the backyard are numbered, it is best to focus on the time you have left. One way you can extend the amount of time you spend outside is by utilizing ways to keep your outdoor space warm. Not only will a fire pit or heat lamp give you and your guests comfort and warmth, but they can also serve as decor or a focal point. They are also great ways to bring people together while hanging out in your backyard. You made a wise investment contacting your custom landscaping design company, and the end result is a beautiful and fully functional backyard. Now is the time to extend the time you spend enjoying it by implementing ways to keep it warm.

Benefits of Being Outdoors in the Fall

When it gets cold outside, far too many of us are quite content with becoming couch potatoes. And while there is nothing wrong with sitting next to the fireplace and chilling with Netflix, you will be happier and healthier if you spend at least some time outside. It doesn’t take much effort to throw on a sweater and step out onto your patio. And when you do, you will enjoy the benefits of being outside.


The list of benefits you enjoy from being outside is long, but let’s start with mood. Spending time outside will improve your mood. In addition, the natural surroundings of your backyard help stave off depression and make you feel better about yourself. And when you spend time outdoors with family and friends, it gives you the opportunity to refresh your relationships. In order to extend the amount of time you spend in your backyard, it is essential to ensure your patio is warm and comfortable.

A Beautiful Outdoor Living Space Will Bring Your Family Together

Light My Fire

Utilizing fire is one of the best ways to keep your patio warm this fall, and there are several ways in which this can be done. A portable fire pit is an inexpensive way to keep smaller areas warm in cooler weather. This is a nice option if you want to move your fire pit around depending on your activities. You can also use more than one fire pit should the need arise.

For a small investment, you can have a custom fire pit or fireplace designed and installed by your local landscaper. Not only is a custom fire pit or fireplace an eye-catching focal point, it creatures a sense of being in an actual living space like a living room or kitchen. Just add seating, and you have just transformed your patio into an outdoor living room or kitchen.

Heated Floors and Hot Tubs

If you really enjoy spending time outside, then investing in heated floors is undoubtedly an option. While heated floors are something often associated with indoor spaces, outdoor heated floors are a thing and quickly gaining in popularity. In addition to keeping you warm and toasty in cooler temperatures, heated floors also boast the ability to clear off snow and keep your patio from becoming an icy danger zone.

By having a hot tub installed in your backyard, you can spend time outside all year long. When the frost settles on the grass, just imagine yourself soaking it up in a super cozy hot tub. In addition to keeping you quite warm in the cold air, your hot tub also provides you with a way to ease sore muscles and relax. Just remember to practice proper hot tub etiquette when throwing a hot tub party.

Kitchens and Heat Lamps

When the temperature tumble and the snow starts to fly, you can usually find the family all cozy and warm hanging out in the kitchen. The kitchen has always been regarded as the heart of the home, and for good reasons. There is nothing quite like the warmth of the hot stove as you are baking cookies. On those chilly evenings in the fall, you can stay cozy and warm by hanging out on your patio kitchen. Outdoor cooking gadgets not only cook up your favorite dishes, but they also keep you and your guests cozy and warm.

Just to show you that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to stay warm on your patio, we offer heat lamps. Portable patio heaters are an ideal way to keep your guests warm on your patio. Typically, a single unit can warm an area up to 25 square feet. Better still, they are small enough to store in the summer.

Blankets, Rugs, and Hugs

Throw a plush rug on your patio and wrap yourself up with a heavy blanket, and you will remain warm in the cool fall weather. Invite your significant other to join you, and you can stay even warmer. And when the temperatures drop down, invest in an electric blanket for additional warmth and comfort.

Don’t let the cooler temperatures of fall keep you from enjoying your outdoor space. If you are interested in a custom fireplace or fire pit, contact us, and we can help. And if you have any tips on how to stay warm on your patio or have ideas about outdoor entertaining in the fall, we would love you to leave a comment.