What is a Hardscape, and How Does it Benefit You?

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Are you thinking about turning your backyard into a fantastic oasis? You can do this by calling your creative landscaping company and asking them about their hardscape services. Maybe you have never heard the term “hardscape” before and are curious to learn more. The best way to think about hardscapes is in terms of an outdoor room. Hardscapes include all of the features you would like to have in your backyard to improve its livability, including water features, retaining walls, patios, fire pits, lighting, built-in grills, pergolas, and more. Sure, that is a lot to think about, and they are rather big projects, but the end result is undoubtedly worth the investment.

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Take a few minutes and go outside and take a good look at your backyard. That’s OK; we’ll wait. If you noticed that your backyard does not have a designated area for your family to sit and enjoy life, then you probably don’t hang out in the yard very much. That’s sad because there are several reasons you should be spending more time outdoors. And even if you do have a lovely patio and a few chairs out there, does that alone prompt you to spend more time in your backyard? Probably not. But if you were to have a built-in grill, water feature, and a sweet fire pit, you would be compelled to hang out in your yard. Imagine sitting on your patio in the morning sipping your coffee and enjoying the sunrise, and listening to the water trickling down your fountain. Then imagine grilling steaks and burgers on your built-in grill on a Saturday evening with family and friends enjoying the fire pit and intriguing conversation. Hardscapes are certainly worth the investment.

Hardscapes Add Function and Beauty

Are You Ready For A Beautiful and Functional Backyard?

Hardscapes are an excellent way to connect your home to your outdoor space. They make an incredible difference in the ways you can utilize your backyard. Hardscapes might seem a bit overwhelming and costly, but they are absolutely worth the investment and will give you years of comfort and joy. No matter what you enjoy doing outdoors, there is a hardscape that will fit with your lifestyle.

Retaining Walls– A retaining wall not only makes your yard look better but it also serves practical purposes as well. A retaining wall on a steep slope levels out the space, making it flat and functional. Retaining walls are also a great solution if you need to contain soil on parts of your yard.

Landscaping Lighting– Why should your outdoor activities stop when the sun goes down? Landscape lighting brings your patio and other outdoor space to life after dark and provides an attractive way to ensure you can see what you are grilling. In addition, you can add lighting to koi ponds and under trees to add ambiance.

Pergola– It tends to get quite hot here in Northern Colorado in the summer, and it can make spending time on your patio quite uncomfortable. A pergola is a wonderful way to keep the sun at bay and your outdoor space significantly cooler.

Fire Pit– A store-bought fire pit might add warmth and ambiance to your yard, but it is hardly impressive. But a built-in fire pit will add warmth and atmosphere, and it will impress your friends and neighbors.

Water Features– Water features are always a great addition to your outdoor space, and they can be as simple as a bubbling boulder to a full fountain. And do you know what else is really cool for the backyard? How about an ornamental fish pond with a waterfall and ambient lighting-The trifecta of water features.

Walkways and Walls– Just how do you get from the patio to the flower garden? With a beautiful walkway, of course. Landscaped walkways make your yard look great, and they help get you and your guests from one location to another with safety and ease. Sitting walls can be utilized as places to sit and converse with friends, and they can be a place to add potted plants or lighting.

Built-In Grills– Built-in grills can be made from brick, stone, or concrete, and they will make you a better chef than you really are. Store-bought grills are fine, but they don’t offer the cooking space that a build-in can.

The Benefits of Hardscaping

You might be wondering if hardscaping is worth the investment. It most certainly is. In addition to making your outdoor space a beautiful oasis, hardscaping offers several other benefits. The fountains, built-in grills, and walkways do more than just add beauty and function to your yard.

Increase Property Value– Quality hardscape projects extend your living space from your home to throughout your backyard. Just imagine how potential buyers are going to react to a beautifully landscaped tard.

Add Dimension– Hardscaping adds texture, layers, and diversity, and they will create focal points in your yard. This is especially noticeable if your current yard is flat and otherwise uninteresting.

Added Usability– Once you have your yard hardscape, you will find that you spent a whole lot more time outside. In fact, you will find yourself enjoying your outdoor space even when it is cold out.

Direct Traffic– Walkways and stone paths offer you and your guests a safe passage through your landscaped yard, and it keeps people out of places they don’t need to be.

Privacy– Even if you don’t have nosey neighbors, it can be quite distracting when they are in full vision while you are trying to enjoy your patio. Walls, plants, and pergolas are wonderful ways you can ensure privacy while spending time in your outdoor oasis.

Hardscaping is a great way to improve your backyard and add curb appeal. Not only will these projects look great and function well, but they will also be around to enjoy for a very long time. If you are looking for professional landscaping services in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley, or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.