What Is Your Preferred Landscape Style Design

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Landscape styles are as varied as your personal style of interior decoration, fashion, and food. For some, the organic nature of naturalistic landscaping brings tranquility and peace, while for others, the structure of manicured hedging brings order and organization. There is no right answer! Your landscape design should reflect the architectural style of your home. A naturalistic native landscape might be a great fit for an Old Colorado Bungalow. Tuscan style homes can look great with formal tropical styles, but also southern traditional styles! There are many options, but ultimately it comes down to your taste. After all, it’s your yard. Let’s look at some of the most popular landscape styles for Colorado.

Natural Landscape Style Design

Naturalistic landscaping design incorporates plants that are native to Colorado but also Colorado-friendly. These include Dwarf Walter’s Viburnums, Fakahatchee grass, Silver Saw Palmettos, Beautyberrys, and Blanketflowers. The plants are arranged in a naturalistic way, just like you would find them in the wild. Hence, their name. The naturalistic design focuses on the mature plant size so that nothing appears overcrowded. The naturalistic design also uses more drought-tolerant and low-maintenance plants than some other styles. The more naturally designed yards also tend to attract a greater number of pollinators! Also, you can find natural hardscaping such as native limestone pavers or boulders, shellstone pavers, and coquina. Here is an example of a yard that is completely native. However, it doesn’t have to look as dramatic!

Tropical Landscape Style

In our subtropical climate, you can guess that the tropical style is popular and common. The vibrant colors, large leaves, and big foliage are very appealing to many people. Tropical landscapes can be paired with many architectural styles, but we love them best when paired with a bungalow. This style blends in well with other styles. Tropical plants, when used correctly, can have a modern look. However, if they are used differently, then the style will be more naturalistic. Bird of Paradise is a favorite for this style, as are Foxtail Ferns, Plumbago, and Maui Ixora. Right Plant The Right Place is especially important with the tropical style as tropical plants need full sun.

Traditional Design

Traditional landscape design is common, especially in areas with a Homeowner’s Association. Traditional landscapes include foundation hedges on the facade of the house, small to medium shrubs or grasses layered in layers, and accent plants and understory trees at key architectural locations. This style can complement almost any architectural style. It is low-maintenance or high-maintenance. Naturally, the more hedges you have to trim, the more maintenance it will require. High maintenance does not mean you have to spend countless hours in your yard. It just means that you need to make an effort to maintain those neat, organized lines. Colorado is fortunate in that it grows fast and strongly.

Modern Landscape Style Design

Modern landscape design relies heavily on strong, clean lines. It also uses texture, color of foliage, and structural plants as a way to add visual interest. The design can be minimal, but it doesn’t need to be. The organization should be powerful and impactful, while complementing the architecture of the home. The architecture of your home should be incorporated into the design. Agave is one of our favorites for modern landscaping design. Other plants we love are Gulf Muhly Grass, Saw Palmetto, and Asian Jasmine. Agave, Saw Palmetto, and Gulf Muhly Grass are bold statement plants that contrast beautifully with the Gulf Muhly Grass’ soft texture. Asian Jasmine has a clean, simple look and is a hardy groundcover. Modern landscape design is not only for modern homes, but it also looks good with other types of architecture. Natural materials such as square coquina paving stones or limestone boulders can add warmth to a landscape design. Hardscaping can also have a big impact on modern designs. Tropical and modern landscape designs often overlap.

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