Yard to Table: The Benefits of a Backyard Garden

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When you frequent one of your favorite restaurants in Northern Colorado, there is a good chance that they get their produce from a local source. It’s called “farm to table,” and it is all the rage. Without a doubt, there are homeowners out there who appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables and are big fans of this social movement. There are several benefits of this movement, including the fact it helps small businesses in the area. But one of the most significant benefits of utilizing local sources for produce is that you are almost guaranteed the freshest possible fruits and vegetables. About the only way to get fruits and vegetables that are fresher is if you were to grow them in your backyard garden. In fact, there is a trend you might not be aware of called “yard to table,” and it is becoming a big hit. But in order for you to enjoy fresh tomatoes, asparagus, and plums, you must first have a garden, and your landscape design company can help you with that task.

Planning a Garden

If you think planning a garden consists of merely fiding a spot and digging up the lawn, you are sadly mistaken. Planning for a garden in your yard is not as easy as one might think; there are several things to consider before even breaking ground. For example, you need to pick the ideal spot to place your garden. It might be best to consult a landscape design expert for a successful venture into the world of gardening.


In addition to finding the proper spot for a garden, there are other considerations as well. For example, you will probably want to have a plan in place to protect your garden from unwanted guests such as rabbits and other critters that love your vegetables as much as you do. Your landscape design team can develop a solution that could include fencing or a retaining wall that will keep your garden well protected.

Here is something else to consider: You can’t just dig up the yard, throw down some seeds, and expect a successful garden. You need to make sure that you are planting suitable types of vegetables, our climate isn’t favorable for some, and they won’t thrive. But, again, a landscape design professional knows precisely what will thrive in Northern Colorado.

The Basics

One of the first things you want to do before diving into this project is to have a meeting with the family to see what you should be growing. There are several vegetable and fruit choices when it comes to gardening in Northern Colorado, but you need to choose wisely. For example, zucchini and squash are staples in this area and are easy to grow, but that does not mean you should plant them. If there isn’t anybody who is willing to prepare and eat squash or zucchini, then you might want to pass. Only plant the fruits and vegetables that your family will actually eat and enjoy.

Since we live in such a dry climate, you can’t expect rainfall to provide the water needed to ensure healthy growth. You might just think that hand watering will suffice, and it will if you are motivated enough to drag out the hose every evening and water your plants. However, an easier solution can be found by hiring a landscaping contractor to solve your watering dilemma.

Enjoy a garden that connects you to nature

The Benefits

One of the easy ways you can improve your health is by eating more fruits and vegetables. When fruits and vegetables are picked right from your garden, their vitamin content is at its highest. In addition, picking produce from your garden ensures there are no harmful chemicals in your food. When you have a garden, you know exactly what you are eating.

Should you choose to grow a garden this year, know that you will be spending time keeping it free from weeds, and there will be other work that needs to be done. Not only does gardening give you an excuse to spend more time outside, but it is also a great way to get some added exercise. It might not be as healthy as taking a hike or swimming, but it sure beats flopping in your favorite chair and watching television.

In addition to the added exercise, gardening has been found to be a great way to reduce stress. Being outside is enough to improve your mood, and the fresh air doesn’t hurt either. And come fall, when you harvest your fruits and vegetables, you will feel an undeniable sense of accomplishment. You should be proud; it’s not easy growing your own food. Plus, you are providing your family with wholesome, fresh, and nutritious goods from your garden.

There are several reasons why hiring a landscape designer makes perfect sense. For example, a landscaper is critical in turning your outdoor space from bland and boring to exciting and functional. Stop for a moment and think about all of the time you spend outside and how a few changes could prompt you to spend even more time in your yard. Please get in touch with us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.