Your Landscaping Company Presents Gift Ideas For Backyard Patio Enthusiasts

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We all have a family member who spends way more time outside on their patio than they do indoors. At any given time, they will be grooming their garden, grilling a meal, or just sitting on the outdoor furniture enjoying a cold beverage. We get it; when you have a nice backyard, you want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it. So if you know somebody like this and have no idea what to get them for the holidays, your landscaping company serving Loveland, Fort Collins, and Greeley has a few great ideas. All you need to do is read on and take a few notes.

Disc Golf Basket

Disc golf is a sport that has quickly become a favorite for people of all ages. If you do a search on Google, you will discover several disc golf courses in the area. But while many people would love to give this sport a try, they are probably too embarrassed to throw in public until they have had a little practice.


A disc golf basket is a perfect gift for the aspiring disc golf pro. These baskets are sturdy and can be easily moved from one location to another. You don’t need to have a big backyard to set up a disc gold basket and hone your disc throwing skills. This is a gift the entire family will enjoy.

Landscape Lighting

Give the gift of outdoor lighting, and the recipient will appreciate you every time they spend time outdoors at night. Landscape lighting means that outdoor enthusiasts get to spend even more time outside in their backyard doing all of the things they love. This is also the type of gift that the whole family will enjoy.

We’re not talking about a set of string-up lights; you will want your patio to light up like a fancy patio restaurant. Just imagine enjoying a grilled dinner under the stars with the perfect lighting. Your outdoor lights will help illuminate, but they will also set the mood.

Landscape Lighting Enhances The Beauty Of Your Yard

Outdoor Hammock

If you are old enough to remember watching Gilligan’s Island, you probably wished you had one of those hammocks in your room to replace your boring bed. A hammock is a great way to transform your backyard into your personal paradise. You can bet that any outdoor enthusiast will use their hammock every chance they get.

You can’t just hop on Amazon and buy the first hammock that pops up on the feed; you need to do a little research. If you have trees in the backyard, then a traditional tree-hung hammock is appropriate. But if the yard lacks trees, there are plenty of standing hammocks from which you can choose.

Built-In Grill

Anyone can head to their home improvement center and buy a grill, but it takes somebody with insight to buy their family member a built-in grill. There isn’t anything wrong with having a traditional gas grill in your backyard, but having a built-in grill just can’t be beaten. The best backyards are places where you can hang out and not have to go inside for things like food.

If the mood strikes you, you can add a small refrigerator to your built-in grill, and some counter space would be nice as well. In fact, if you keep going, you will wind up with an entire outdoor kitchen, which makes a great family gift for the holidays.

Grill Set

If you already have a built-in grill or complete outdoor kitchen, then you can surprise your outdoor enthusiast with a grill set. But, again, you don’t want to just get the first set that pops up in your shopping feed, do some research and get one that will fit their personality.

Grill sets are essential in that they are specially made for outdoor use. So rather than having to haul a bunch of utensils from the kitchen when grilling, all you have to do is grab the grill set, and you are good to go.

Fire Feature

There are a lot of fire pits on the market that can be found in hardware stores, but it’s just not the same as a custom fire feature built to match your outdoor surroundings. Many store-bought fire pits are somewhat flimsy and certainly not very aesthetically pleasing. What you really want for a gift is a fire feature that is beautiful in appearance and hides any signs of the propane tank.

A fire feature will illuminate your backyard space, to be sure, but it will also create a wonderful ambiance. In addition, a fire feature is a great way to stay cozy o those cool fall evenings. And don’t forget to pick up marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate from the store for some delicious smores you will prepare with the fire feature.

We hope you take our advice and get the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your family. If you have any questions about built-in grills, landscape lighting, or fire features, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help. And we also would like to wish everybody a happy and healthy holiday season.